Newwit focuses on user experience. The "easy-to-play, hard-to-master" game is designed for mass adoption to include players who are not familiar with Web3.
Players' objective in the game is to get as many WIT (the in-game currency) as they can by completing different tasks, including making correct predictions, getting upvotes in comments, reading news, proposing questions, growing followers and more. Then in each month, players will be rewarded with $WIS according to their ranking on the leaderboard.
WIT is an in-game currency. It can be used to purchase Energy(entry ticket to polls), upgrade players' prophet NFT and its associated "Ability" attributes (up to certain levels), which affect the payout from performing different tasks. $WIS is our governance token with maximum utility value. it will be used to participate DAO governance, unlock premier functions, upgrade NFTs and subscribe to the Newwit AI services.