Token system of Newwit

Single tokens

Newwit adopts a single-token model. WISDOM ($WIS): Governance and business token, listed and with fixed supply Contract Address(Polygon mainnet): 0xa8533F3C9e0e83683176086031fc996d5e42b436 WIT, on the other hand, is NOT a crypto token, it is a score used to rank players on leaderboard.

Real value creation

Our tokens are not just something generated that can only be plowed back into the game with no real value or practical usage.
With the AI model and its associated future applications, there are actual business use cases and real value creation involved, WIS holders are going to benefit from the value and revenue created by the AI prediction model trained. Businesses who wish to subscribe to Newwit's prediction intelligence and services must also use WIS as a transaction currency.