$WIS allocation and release schedule

The total supply of $WIS will never exceed 1,000,000,000. The table below shows the distribution of $WIS.

$WIS holdersWIS tokensShare of tokens (%)Conditions




Linear distribution over the next [55] months until [Jun 2027]




Vesting conditions based on KPIs or milestones (if applicable)

Early team



May subject to vesting conditions (if applicable)

Future Team



Generally subject to vesting restrictions

Early investors and private sale



Vested linearly

Public sale







May subject to vesting conditions (if applicable)

$WIS will be issued gradually until Jun 2027. The chart below shows the scheduled monthly maximum issuance of $WIS.

The actual issuance schedule of $WIS may be affected by the use of Treasury tokens, amount of staking interests, the need for Ecosystem tokens, etc. Newwit from the to time may also buy back and burn circulating tokens to support the price performance.


The ecosystem portion represents [46%] of the total $WIS supply, or [460,000,000] $WIS. Majority of it is used for play-to-earn. The play-to-earn allocation aims to attract as many users to make accurate predictions as possible. The Newwit AI prediction model is trained by users' prediction input. The model would become more valuable with more inputs to train it. Therefore, the value creation hinges on users' prediction mining process. Ensuring that there are sufficient incentives for players to participate in prediction mining is important for Newwit's long-term development.

Players can earn $WIS mainly in the following ways:

  • Competing in the prediction games and ranking in the leaderboard

  • Engaging in analytics and social interactions to help improve ranking in the leaderboard

  • Participating in Newwit's special tasks

  • Referring more players and promoting the community

‌All the [460,000,000] $WIS will be distributed linearly over the next 55 months until [December 2026]. In each moth during the period, max of [11,111,111] $WIS will be rewarded and distributed to players for participating in the game and community activities. This can also attract more players to participate in the game early as there are fewer users to share the monthly [11,111,111] $WIS reward distribution pool.


[4%] of the total $WIS tokens are reserved for the development of the Newwit Partnership with other projects. The key purpose is to support the long-term development of the Newwit game applications as well as the proprietary AI prediction model, which will eventually generate value and revenue to reward back all token holders.

The principles for granting tokens from the Ecosystem reserve are as follows:

  • Clear value added to the Newwit community

  • There may be vesting conditions for such Ecosystem tokens granted based on KPIs or milestones (if applicable)

Newwit team

Newwit team is the team to develop Newwit and its future AI model applications. The $WIS tokens allocation is to ensure that they are incentivize to continue develop and create value for the entire Newwit community and $WIS token holders.

Newwit team are generally subject to vesting restrictions for their tokens.

Early investors and private sale

Newwit will raise funds from early investors and private sale to scale the project and support our development. Tokens issued will be vested over coming years.

Public sale

[30,000,000] $WIS tokens will be sold in the public sale exercise, representing [3%] of the maximum supply. The primary purpose of the public sale is to raise funds for Newwit development, increase liquidity of the $WIS tokens as well as to promote and attract more players to Newwit.


Newwit sets aside [8%] of the total $WIS tokens as Treasury pool. The Treasury pool tokens can be allocated for different purposes from time to time to support the development and growth of Newwit as well as other actions to keep the $WIS price stable.

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